Technology and Digital Trends: 2020 – 2025 Outlook [Miha Kralj, Accenture]

Current situation will make a lot of us re-think. Overnight, we are all faced with the fact that nobody knows what will happen next. But what we know we will all need to change and adapt at some extent.

But, how can you build a future-proof technology stack that will be up to the task to change or when the next "big change wave" hits us, just like the current one did?

To get you some answers, I talked with a person who knows a thing or two about how to build modern, future-proof technology and digital platforms. Miha Kralj worked for IBM, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and is now at Accenture.

We talked about key technology and digital trends that will impact us in the near future (2020-20205):

- Key tech trends

- How to start big digital transformation projects

- 4 key pillars of future-proof technology setup (architecture, process, tooling, execution platform)

- Transition from DevOps to BizOps and server-less

- Who is responsible for digital transformation (CIO, CTO, CDO, CFO or CEO)

- Why airlines are playing catch-up with big travel digital platforms

- The technology that will have biggest impact in the future 

You can find the link to the full interview article with notes and all links here:




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