3 Future Scenarios for Airline Distribution and Retailing [Nina Wittkamp, McKinsey]

"Where is the value in airline retailing?" - this is a report McKinsey & Company published recently. I talked to Nina Wittkamp, one of the authors about airline retailing and 3 future distribution scenarios. 

Will consolidation happen? Will airlines become travel platforms? Will players like Google and Amazon take over? Check out the second part of our talk with Nina to hear more about these scenarios.

Listen to the full interview with Nina to learn more about:

  • Where is the value in airline retailing?
  • What are the key challenges of airline distribution and retailing?
  • The 3 components of airline retailing (NDC, One Order, Dynamic Offers)
  • The 4 key enablers of airline retailing
  • Future airline distribution and retailing scenarios
  • The most important elements of successful innovation programs

You can find the link to the full interview article with the link for McKinsey report here:




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