Airline Data Talks: How to Implement Advanced Digital Analytics

In this podcast episode, we'll be very hands-on and practical. I get asked a lot about how to implement website analytics by airline people, and if you want to learn about that too - this episode is for you.

Liliana García Magaña, who works on Business Intelligence and Analytics at a Mexican low-cost airline VivaAerobus, explained in detail how they implemented new advanced digital analytics, how they designed new analytics framework, and how they deal with the challenge of omnichannel tracking. Liliana and her team built a robust web analytics model which now allows them to measure every user interaction across different channels.

If you are a digital analytics enthusiast, or if you want to become one - this episode is for you.

You can find the full article with the key concepts, quotes, and other notes from our talk with Liliana here:


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