Airline Digital Optimization Maturity: How to Take the Next Step

I talked to an experienced digital professional, Matt Ravlich. Matt is currently a Managing Director for Alberta Consulting Group (ACG), where he specializes in optimizing their clients’ digital experiences using the current tools they have and helping them prepare for the future. Prior to that, Matt was Manager of Digital Analytics and Optimization at the second-largest Canadian airline, WestJet Airlines, where his main focus was growing maturity levels with WestJet analytics and optimization programs.

Matt shared his insights on how airlines can grow and evolve their digital optimization programs. Other topics we talked about:

  • Digital analytics, testing, and optimization tools
  • Should you do optimization and personalization within the same team?
  • Leveraging first- and third-party data for your optimization activities

You can find the full article with key key concepts, quotes, and other notes from this chat with Matt here:


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