Airline Experimentation Talks: How to Make Better and Faster Decisions

Today, we bring you another great digital expert – Ben Labay, Managing Director at Speero. Speero is a digital optimization agency built by the people who founded the CXL blog, one of the best resources available for conversion optimization and experimentation. Ben is an industry leader, a speaker on all things digital research and experimentation, and a conservation science consultant.


Check out the full podcast interview if you’re interested in:

  • How to make faster and better decisions
  • 3 places to start your testing and experimentation program
  • Different organizational models you can use to set up your airline experimentation program
  • What kind of experimentation tools to use
  • How to be innovative with A/B testing and experimentation

You can find the full article with the key concepts, quotes, and other notes from our talk with Ben here:


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