Digital Strategy: From Vision to Execution [EL AL Israel Airline]

In this episode Shahar Markovitch (Chief Digital and Innovation Officer) and Amit Sagi (Digital Director) at EL AL Israel Airlines join Iztok Franko to talk about their digital strategy. We talked about key pillars of their strategy and the challenges of executing it in practice.

What else you will learn from this interview:

  • What are the two big digital trends EL AL sees which were the key to their airline digital strategy?
  • Why EL AL joined Digital, IT and Data into one big unit to support their execution?
  • What are the key challenges of doing e-commerce and digital marketing in a legacy airline environment?
  • Why changing the mindset from “project” to “product” view is a must if you want to develop digital solutions?
  • Can cooperation with the startup community help you be more agile and digital?
  • How data and agile BI fit into their airline digital strategy and help EL AL make faster decisions?
  • Listen to examples of some of EL AL’s new digital products that help solve their customers’ problems.
  • Why food Instagrammability might be even more important than its taste to the digital generation?

You can find the link to the full interview article with transcripts and all links here:


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