Experimentation Tips From a Digital Expert at Gartner

In this episode we talked to Shiva Manjunath, Marketing and Conversion Optimization Manager at Gartner. Shiva is a huge experimentation and digital enthusiast, so we talked about how to build a great experimentation program in your organization.

What can you learn from this interview:

  • The conversion optimization process - where and how to start?
  • Why is getting early wins crucial to your success?
  • How to deal with your boss who doesn't understand the experimentation process and A/B testing
  • Why personalization, conversion optimization, and experimentation go hand-in-hand
  • How CRO helps you calculate the ROI of your personalization program
  • How to scale up your experimentation
  • Why "test to learn, not test to win" is the way to long-term conversion optimization process success
  • How improv helps Shiva with experimentation and understanding users better

You can find the link to the full interview article with transcripts and all links here:



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