How to be an airline digital leader on a large scale and at low cost? [Joel Goldberg, CDO Wizz Air]

We talked to Joel Goldberg, Chief Digital Officer at Wizz Air about airline industry, latest trends and how to build a digital program in a low cost environment.

What else you will learn from this interview:

  • Joel’s background and how he ended up in the airline industry.
  • Why Wizz Air looks at digital transformation differently – learn about their pragmatic, ULCC approach to airline digital transformation?
  • How to scale up – how they run a digital program and initiatives to support their fast-paced growth and large scale?
  • Where do they see the biggest opportunities in data and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning?
  • Why experimentation and a “fail fast – fail small” approach is the key to their digital success?
  • Other interesting points that will make you look at the 2020 airline digital trends differently.

You can find the link to the full interview article with transcripts and all links here:


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