Why UX Research Matters Even More in the Post-COVID-19 World

COVID-19 changed your user's behavior significantly. You need to understand the new context for your users, their fears, their key friction points before you do any other digital activities.

We talked about how to do that with Amanda Stockwell. She is a user research expert and one of the most popular instructors on LinkedIn Learning. She consults both Fortune 100 companies and start-ups on how to leverage user research to build better digital products. Amanda is also an instructor for Module 4 in our Airline Digital Academy.

In this episode of the Diggintravel Podcast, Amanda will explain:

  • Why the change in user behavior and new COVID-19 context make user research more important than ever
  • What kind of UX research method to chose for your digital projects
  • How to do remote UX research
  • How to integrate UX research into agile development teams and sprints

Link to the article with more info and great visual with an overview of different kinds of UX research methods:


Link to the Airline Digital Academy:



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